About Us

Sri Eshwarammaji College of Nursing was established in the year 2015 to promote quality education to the deserving students. The organisation has an eminent Teaching faculty and provides the right setting to the students for effective learning.

The fully-accredited Nursing College offers students a traditional nursing education with all the benefits of a college environment: personal attention from Lecturers, friendships with classmates, networking opportunities, and flexible course schedules.

The College of Nursing has a long history of providing an excellent education. Our students have access to internationally-recognized research and clinical programs, renowned medical and nurse practitioners, and leading-edge technology.
Emphasis is given to the development of domain knowledge and nursing skills. They take foundational and experiential coursework to enable them to meet the students with linguistic, cultural, learning, and behavioral diversity.

"Our College provides the Best Education and Infrastructure to help them achieve determination to excel with the best of creative and academics. Our College commit to excel in qualitative approach towards the student community by integrating with Teaching fraternity" Sri Eshwarammaji College of Nursing is a vibrant and exciting place to learn, to teach, to discover, to practice and to work. It is also a place where caring, scholarship, leadership and social responsibility.

Students are taught the principles of Caring, Excellence and Integrity, and exposed to the finest of caring and learning environment, wherein they learn, grow, and flourish in the best traditions of professional education.

Our Challenging Programs:

  • Designed for Nurses by Nurses — help students develop the credentials,
  • Knowledge, Critical thinking and Clinical Wisdom necessary for successful nursing practice.
  • Our faculty is comprised of expert nurse educators with advanced nursing degrees and experience in a variety of specialties.
  • They are authors, researchers and practitioners committed to advancing the nursing profession and the careers of their students.
  • According to our graduates, the superior quality of our academic programs is our greatest strength.

Objectives :

  • To provide educational and leadership qualities for a better society.
  • Ability to become a professional who has self directions and responsible citizens.
  • Interest in life long learning of personal and professional advancement.